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Founded in 2019, Greg Matthews Studio, Inc. is a boutique architecture firm specializing in highly custom residential design. Focusing on quality, not quantity, our objective is to listen to our clients and provide a level of service, from conception to completion, which is collaborative, creative, organized, and stress free.

We design homes for our clients, not ourselves.  With this philosophy, as your architect, we focus on crafting homes that integrate seamlessly into a specific site, appropriate to a specific region, and ultimately a reflection of our client’s unique ideals and objectives.


Meet the team you will be working with.


As the founding principal, the Studio is a direct reflection of the principals and ideals Greg has developed throughout his life and professional career.  Born and raised in Seattle, he moved to Spokane, WA in search of four seasons and an opportunity to play college athletics.  After brief collegiate careers in both Baseball and Golf came to an end in 1999 -The childhood dream of playing a game as a job was lost.  Like many sons, he turned towards the road his Father & Grandfather had paved before him.  Growing up, he was surrounded by a wealth of meticulous technicians and artistic craftsmen, which upon reflection, have subconsciously moved from one generation to the next.  Grandfather; a Boeing Engineer and Master Woodworker and Father; Technician, Mechanic, and Car Restoration Extraordinaire-Naturally, there was a niche for Greg in which the world of art & technology would collide. 


In 2001, Greg graduated from the Institute of Technical Training with a Computer Sciences Degree and Drafting Certification.  Immediately thereafter, moved to Bozeman to begin his career as a Draftsman in a young 10-person architecture firm.  After three short months he was promoted to a Project Manager, and in 2007, with no formal architectural education, was made a Partner of the firm which had then grown to 30 people.  In addition to the obligations related to family and work, Greg went back to school to pursue the necessary accreditations for licensure.  In the summer of 2012, he graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Design and Master of Architecture, and was a licensed architect by the end of the year.

While the path has been anything but conventional, the culmination of his personal and professional experience came to a head in 2019.  At 40 years of age, and 18 years with a nationally recognized firm, he woke up one morning and decided it was time to start a new venture.  Compelled to be more unique, more personal, more professional, and more respectful, this is the fuel that feeds the fire of creativity, exploration, and innovation for the next chapter of the story.


Maddie takes on more than any individual in the office.  Bookkeeping, accounts, human resources, office logistics, etc., if it doesn’t involve architecture, she’s on it. 

In 2019, Maddie graduated Gallatin College with an Applied Science Degree in Bookkeeping and currently attends Eastern Oregon University online while pursuing her degree in Accounting.

As a native Montanan, Maddie was fortunate to grow up in Bozeman and be able to experience this wonderful wilderness during her years prior to beginning her profession.  As a daughter of a legendary Big Sky Ski Patrol, Maddie grew up on the ski slopes, and till this day can go toe to toe with anyone!  Her real passion, aside from buying lots of Lululemon stuff, is ripping around the track or pipestone trail on her dirt bike.  Warning, she’s a little competitive!


Ben is a huge asset when it comes to the delivery of fantastic, high quality architectural design.

In 2006, Ben graduated with his Master of Architecture from Montana State University, and completed his licensure in 2014. His impressive track record of design expertise includes 12 years at PDG doing custom home and ranch modeling, 4 years at SMA leading commercial projects and mixed-use building projects. On the summer solstice of 2021, stars aligned and he decided to join our team at GMS.

Born in Brunswick Georgia, Ben has spent a majority of his life in Montana.  While not quite a native, he considers himself a local having lived here most of his life. Ben arrived in Bozeman in 2001 to pursue a degree in Architecture at Montana State University, later graduated from MSU and planted his roots in Bozeman. In 2017 he moved to Helena, MT and has called the Queen city home ever since. 


As a father, Ben enjoys chasing his kids around and spending quality time with family. Among the bustle he continues to spend his time outdoors as locals do, his favorite of activities being mountain biking. His appreciation for music often leads to a jam session on his mandolin or guitar to keep the creativity flowing. His hidden talents of gardening and playing the harmonica keep Ben a wild card when it comes to his capabilities. The first time he ever rappelled was from the top of Granite Peak – and nearly died doing it. His commitment to challenge himself and ability to execute are not only personal attributes, but are witnessed in his contributions to our process day in and day out. 


Soon to be Architect, Brent plays a critical role in the success of Greg Matthews Studio.  Managing projects from conception to completion, Brent ensures the project stays on the rails at all times and when design opportunities present themselves, he employs thoughtful and creative solutions to our collaborative design process. 

Brent moved to Bozeman in 2006 to attend Montana State University. In 2012, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Design and a Master of Architecture.  Brent didn’t exactly realize that every day of school was an informal job interview, but Brent and Greg’s paths crossed numerous times during their stint at MSU.  Immediately after graduation Brent was recruited by Greg, and as a team have cranked out some exceptional projects.


Growing up in Spearfish, South Dakota, he was the youngest of four boys.  As you can imagine, the “arts and crafts” time spent among four boys in rural South Dakota was quite interesting!  Brent is a jack of all trades with an exceptional skill of fine mill work.  When he’s not building something in his shop, you’ll find him setting land speed records on his snowboard or on the golf course honing his long drive skills...first guy I’ve known to get a hole-in-one on a par 4!


Megan is a solid addition to the team and ready to tackle anything thrown her way. Rounding out the project team, her energy and focus ensures the project is moving forward swiftly while remaining highly coordinated every step of the way.


In 2019, Megan graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree. While attending ISU, she was recognized by Arch Daily for her crowning achievement of Best Student Design-Build Projects Worldwide 2016.


Hailing from Cedar Rapids, Iowa for most of her life, she made the move out west in search of architectural diversity and trophy bulls-She’s still looking for that trophy bull!


When she’s not checking in with her AOII sisters or cramming for her next licensure exam, Megan enjoys pillaging the local Hobby Lobby for her next craft project and loves every opportunity to get in a few powder turns on a real ski hill...she’s also our secret weapon on the GMS bowling team.


As a proven manager and seasoned world traveler, Tyler contributes a wealth of knowledge and sophisticated problem solving skills to develop and manage projects in a creative and concise manner.


In 2007, he graduated with a Master of Architecture from Montana State University and given the unfortunate timing of an economic collapse, he decided to move to Italy and tackle a Master of Engineering degree at the Polytechnic University of Milan.


As a native Minnesotan, the brisk Big Sky winters are a reminder of home and provide the opportunity to log plenty of time on the slopes. In his spare time, if he’s not on the river or in the mountains, you can find him chasing folf discs around the frisbee golf course. As a creative outlet, he continues to draw and design, which has led to the design and development of his own disc golf course in the Big Belt Mountains...coming soon?!?!


Matthew has gotten a lot of exposure to the various facets of his profession, from client meetings, to site visits, to building construction documents. He enjoys taking on the role of rendering project models and continues to learn about the construction process through drawing details.


Graduating in 2021 with a Masters in Environmental Design from Montana State University, Matthew is currently continuing his education towards his Master’s degree of architecture at MSU.

Born and raised a Lewistown, Montana local, he chose to move to Bozeman in 2016 to begin his pursuit of a design career. His enjoyment of hand graphics, especially sketching and watercolor encouraged by his parents, is what led him to crossing his passions with a career path.


One of his favorite pastimes is working on various vehicle restoration/rebuild projects with his father. Their first rebuild being a VW Beetle converted into a Baja Bug, and soon to finish their second motorcycle rebuild together. Although he doesn't get the opportunity often, the itch to sail keeps him in hopes of someday getting a boat of his own.


Justin is passionate about seeing visions through, especially when turning 2D drawings or ideas into 3D models that make building objects a breeze.


Originally from Savage, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, He graduated from North Dakota State University in 2021 with a master’s degree in architecture. Justin is currently working towards becoming a licensed architect and has passed three of the six tests.

His love of skiing is one of the main things that brought him to Bozeman, right after graduating in May of 2021. The adventures don't stop in Montana, as he seeks to travel the world and explore the cuisine it has to offer. Justin's favorite season is Fall, especially when the temperature drops and the colors change.  


One of his favorite pastimes is working on projects around the house that lend to his knack for turning concepts into functional designs. When Justin can't be outdoors enjoying nature, he can be found engaged in a good movie.

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