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1-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0003-13-HDR_300DPI+.jpg

West Yellowstone, MT  |  New Construction  |  Size - 2420 sq ft

A summer cabin with nearly as much exterior living space as interior, everything about this design is meant to enhance the outdoor living experience and embrace the connection to one of Montana’s most dramatic high alpine lakes.  

4-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0013-10-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
3-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0015-6-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
2-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0008-11-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
6-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0004-9-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
7-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0005-7-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
8-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0019-2-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
11-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0010-3-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
9-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0031-3-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
5-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0009-5-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
12-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0011-6-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
10-UH_Hebgen Lake MT-0028-HDR_300DPI+.jpg
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